Ferropac AC/DC

Ferroresonant stabilised power supplies



The Ferroresonant regulators, which are also known as Constant Voltage Regulators, are based on a technique in which the primary and secondary windings of the transformer are physically isolated from each other by a steel core (shunt) which significantly reduces the capacitive coupling of spikes and noise to the secondary winding.

An AC capacitor is connected to the resonant (secondary) winding of the transformer forming a tank circuit (energy is stored in the capacitor and in the magnetic circuit; the magnetic circuit is saturated every half period). This provides the resonant circuit function which contributes to the voltage regulation of the supply.

As the stored energy is more than is delivered to the load, a hold up performance is achieved in case of a disruption of the line voltage. This makes the Ferroresonant regulators capable to suppress transients on the primary to a very high degree.

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Wall/foot mounted power supplies

The FP/SF/MS series is a range of stabilised power supplies according to the ferro resonant principle with an excellent price/quality ratio.

The units can be foot mounted (SF series) and wall mounted (FP series).

The MS series is suitable for 19" rack. This series are built into a robust aluminium case. Due to the special design of the casing, forced fan cooling is not necessary.

The transformer will transfer its heat directly to the aluminium side panels. Air will flow along the aluminium panels by means of natural heat convection, supplying a sufficient cooling of the unit. The absence of cooling fans and other sensitive components makes the FP/SF/MS series extremely reliable.


General specifications


AC Output

  • Uo= 230VAC *)
  • Waveform: square wave
  • Line regulation
  • Load regulation
  • Transformer efficiency: 80-90%
  • Isolation test voltage (output-case): 1000VDC

*) other output voltages on request.


DC Output

  • Uo=24 VDC *)
  • Line regulation: 2%
  • Load regulation: 3%
  • Transformer efficiency: 80-90%

*) other output voltages on request.



  • Other line frequencies
  • Input-voltages 24 V AC to 600 VAC
  • Output voltages 12 V DC to 300 VDC
  • Lower ripple <100 mV pp
  • Multiple or Redundant operation



  • Stabilised output
  • Strong heat reduction
  • Short circuit proof
  • Low noise execution
  • Protected against continuous overload
  • High efficiency
  • Strong suppression of transients
  • High reliability
  • According to IEC 742/EN 60742
  • Rugged aluminium casing IP20
  • CE approved
  • Suitable for customer made adaptions
  • Wide range of input and output voltages
  • Multiple or redundant operation
  • Uninterruptible power supplies



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