MSWC Street cabinet indoor AC/DC output

 CATV broadband stabilised power supplies


  • Outstanding performance
  • 1000........1800VA
  • Small dimensions


The MSWC AC/DC series is specially designed for applications within the cable television industry. Based on advanced technologies the MSWC AC/DCseries is a very reliable power source for network architectures. The MSWC AC/DC series is developed in close cooperation with cable providers and has reached the top level of reliability and functionality. Advanced features as, rugged casing with strong heat reduction capabilities and a wide range of output voltages make the MSWC AC/DC series an ideal power source for CATV.
The Oltronix MSWC AC/DC series of stabilised power supplies is based on the ferro resonant principle.


General specifications


AC Output

  • Uo= 42...60VAC *)
  • Waveform: square wave
  • Transformer efficiency: 92%
  • Line regulation (Us=-6/+10%%): 2V
  • Load regulation (Iex=25-100%): 3V
  • Isolation test voltage (output-case): 1000VDC

*) other output voltages on request.


DC Output

  • U=24VDC
  • Line regulation (Us=+/-10%): < 0,1%
  • Load regulation (Iex=0-100%): < 2%
  • Ripple: (20Hz-30MHz) < 5mV



  • MSWC AC/DC: 188x360x188 mm [bxhxd]
  • Sound pressure level: 30 dB(A)



  • Stabilised output
  • Small dimensions
  • Strong heat reduction
  • Short circuit proof
  • Protected against continuous overload
  • High efficiency
  • Strong suppression of transients
  • High reliability
  • According to IEC 742/EN 60742
  • Rugged stainless steel/aluminium casing IP20
  • CE approved
  • Suitable for customer made adaptions
  • Wide range of input and output voltages



Brochure MSWC.pdf

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