Switchpac fire protection signaling

ZSP series according EN 54-4/A2


The power supply ZSP135-DR is dedicated to work in systems of fire protection signaling and automation. It is a source of guaranteed 24V voltage. It is manufactured as a wall box with a lock. It has a space inside to mount two batteries. The controller protects the internal battery bank against too low discharge by means of the built-in disconnect device.



  • Fire detection and fire alarm systems according to EN 54-4:2001/A2:2007
  • Smoke and heat control systems according to EN 12101-10:2007
  • Other fire protection systems


  • Uninterruptible 24V power supply
  • Floating mode with temperature compensation
  • Equalize charging of the battery with the
  • Charging current limitation
  • Detection of low and high voltage of the battery
  • Monitoring of resistance (thus also continuity) of the battery
  • Protection of the battery against to high discharge
  • Monitoring of output fuses
  • Continuous testing of the rectifier’s operation
  • Monitoring of the internal temperature
  • Visual and remote indication of alarm states


General specifications



  • Input voltage 184…253 VAC
  • Frequency 47…53 Hz
  • Power factor 0.95


DC Output

  • Uo= 20-28VDC
  • I= 1 up to 7 A
  • Efficiency 77% up to 80%, depending on model
  • Working temp range -25…+55 °C
  • Protection IP43



See Brochure ZSP.pdf

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