Switchpac UPS

Uninterruptible power supplies


  • Input voltage 230 AC or 220 DC
  • Output voltage 12 up to 48 VDC
  • Output power up to 600 W


Power supply to cooperate with a battery

  • Terminal to connect a battery
  • Floating mode with temperature compensation of the charging voltage (the temperature probe in the set)
  • Equalizing mode
  • Visual indication of charging, battery mode and low battery
  • Protection of the battery bank against too low discharge
  • Fused battery circuit
  • Four position switch of the charging current, available on the top shield of the casing
  • Tuning of the floating mode voltage (V/cell), available on the front panel
  • Common bus with negative polarity


General specifications



  • Input voltage 184…253 VAC and 165…297 VDC
  • Frequency 47…53 Hz
  • Power factor 0.95



  • Uo= 12-24-48 VDC
  • I= 3 up to 33 A
  • P= 125 up to 600 W


  • Efficiency 75% up to 85%, depending on model
  • Temp comp coeff -4.5 mV/°C/Cell
  • Temp range floating mode -5…+35 °C
  • Working temp range -33…+70 °C
  • Protection IP20



See brochure



  • DIN rail, Euro cassette or 19" industrial rack
  • Easy to modify into the desired execution, including the ability to mount a PCB to realize a requested function, a function requested by the customer
  • Cassette for battery bank
  • Batteries
  • Input voltage of 115VAC (110VDC)
  • Untypical output voltages up to 60V
  • Other special requests



Brochure switchpac.pdf

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